Updates : May 31, 2014

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  • Another big StratusBase update has been released!

    This time we focused on ease-of-use to make StratusBase even easier to use than before! We are moving towards a more semantic layout and we’re discontinuing several of the “portlet”-like items. We started making changes in the Forms & Entries sections and we have our sights set on revamping the Users section next. Additionally, we overhauled our form sharing functionality and implemented a whole new set of tools to simplify and improve the process. This new functionality will allow users to specify how other collaborators can access the forms and associated data.

    There are going to be several “rolling” updates released over the coming weeks so check back here (or on our other social media platforms) often for more details!

    New Forms Layout

    New Form Layout

    New Forms Sharing Settings

    New Forms Sharing Settings

    New Entries Layout

    New Entries Layout


    Scheduled Maintenance : February 28, 2014

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  • Scheduled Maintenance on February 28, 2014

    StratusBase will be offline from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM EST for schedules maintenance.

    We’re going to be offline for a little while this evening (2/28 – 3/1) in order to implement some important, and exciting infrastructure changes. As of the morning of 3/1 we will have completed the migration of our file-upload capabilities to AWS (Amazon Web Services). This is a substantial improvement over our current hosting system and will allow StratusBase to manage your uploaded content via a rock-solid content delivery network (Amazon). In addition StratusBase will have the capability to open up virtual storage for our users. We look forward to sharing more information on the benefits of this new system including the ability to create virtual folders and archives.


    Updates : February 24, 2013

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  • StratusBase Updates

    It’s been a little too quiet lately so here’s a quick update to fill you in on what we’ve been working on for you:

    To start, we’ve made a ton of Performance Enhancements to our system that will allow frequently used data to be cached in your browser. This means faster load times when navigating around the app, which is always nice! Then we added more Geolocation capabilities. This means that you can now see where users Check-In from as well as where people are viewing forms and entry data from. We also added a couple new elements to StratusBase; first we have the new Timeline Section which allows you to view more detailed information about activity that is occurring on your account. Next there are the new Info Tiles that will show you usage information in near real-time fashion. Then we have the new Lock Screen function which allows you to password protect your current session. Lastly, we have the Online Users Panel. This will allow you to see (in real-time) who is logged into your account and where they are logged in from. We plan on expanding on the capabilities of all of these items over time, but for now, enjoy the latest update!

    Feb 2014 Dashboard

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    Updates : May 16th, 2013

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  • StratusBase Updates – Focus : User Interface



    Due to high demand from our users, we have decided that it was time to take a new approach to our user interface. Being programmers, it’s typically in our nature to design based on our own understanding of how things work, or not design at all… But when we do brave the design world we typically forget to put ourselves in our user’s shoes. Well that has hopefully changed with this latest update! We’ve scrapped the old navigation that had no real sense of direction and we have replaced it with a navigation that will tell you where you are at all times. We’ve also simplified it with more intuitive buttons and menus that only show when appropriate and they actually make sense now!!!

    New Navigation : "Go To" Menu New Navigation : "New" Menu New Navigation : "Settings" Menu

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    Updates : Mar 21st, 2013

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  • StratusBase Updates – Focus : Efficiency



    • Fixed broken build script for the Linked Drop-Down field.
    • Fixed broken event handlers on the Linked Auto-Populated field.
    • Fixed the Linked Drop-Down field so that it no longer uses hashes for insert/update/select queries.
    • Refactored the load script for the Linked Drop-Down field so that the drop-down values get appended in one batch and not individually to reduce DOM modifications.
    • Fixed data grid refresh script so that it doesn’t clear the table and load all of the form’s data when viewing filtered data sets.
    • Fixed a bug with Date/Date-Time & Age/DoB fields so that null values do not show the word “date” or “datetime”. They properly appear as blank cells.
    • Changed the global refresh timer to 1 minute (60 seconds) to cut down on unnecessary calls to the database.
    • Fixed a bug on the calendar where the year would default to the current year, not allowing users to see data in prior years.
    • Fixed a bug where files would get uploaded before other fields were properly validated. This caused an issue where the files would be attached to the entry properly.
    • Fixed a bug where changing a field’s label would not change it in real-time on the displayed form.

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    Website Performance Tips

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  • Few things are more annoying than having to wait a long time for a page to finish loading. When it comes to browsing the web, faster is better. But how do you tell what the performance looks like for your site? In this video, Joseph Scott from Automattic goes over different techniques for measuring the performance of your site, along with how to spot slowdowns. From there he demonstrates specific things that you can do for both PHP and WordPress that will reduce the time it takes for your site to load. I personally found this video to be incredibly helpful so I thought that I would do a quick write-up of the content and share it with whomever stumbles upon it. Enjoy!


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  Release Notes (New Form Builder)

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  • New Form Builder Form Builder - Extras Form Builder - Security Form Builder - Theme


    • Fixed an issue when editing a form where a multi-choice field would not properly select a default value when one has been previously selected.
    • Fixed an issue when creating or editing a form where the field’s click event binding would get stacked for every time the form editor was initiated.
    • Fixed the file storage screen. It now properly loads file upload fields for forms and the affiliated files.


    • Our new form builder layout is live! Changes include the following :
      • A darker theme has been applied to the tabbed settings area to make it easier to focus while applying changes to different settings.
      • AJAX driven content so that future updates will take effect immediately and not have to wait for cached styles to update.
      • You can now edit the form’s additional settings in the form builder. This includes the Quick Response (QR) Code, Number Pad, and Share Button visibility (more to come in a later update).
      • You can now edit the form’s security settings in the form builder (excluding traffic filters, that will come in a later update).
      • You can now edit the form’s background color & overlay in the form builder with a live preview as you edit.


    • Updated the field list section on the form object when viewing it on the dashboard or selected view. Fields now show default values, currencies, date & time formats, or null values.
    • Removed inline onClick events on several tags and replaced them with binding events for the form builder. Prior to this update, creating a new form and editing an existing form used 2 completely separate tools but with shared methods and properties. Now, new forms as well as existing forms use the same form builder utility with re-factored methods and proper binding events.
    • The form builder now uses a new update class to update form properties. Prior to this update, every property was treated separately and required several INSERT statements to be executed. Now it uses the same update handler as the user permissions screen and it executes all changes at once in a single statement, limiting calls to the database.
    • Depreciated several form and dashboard methods.


    Project Management Preview!

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  • Project Management Preview


    Hey everyone! Here’s a sneak peek of the new & improved project management module that will be released very soon!! This updated module will provide a lot more functionality than before and it will look more like a typical gantt chart for those already in the project management field.


    New User Permission Console

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  • New User Permission Console

    • Fixed a style sheet (CSS) issue where clicking on certain side-links would cause a form object to collapse width-wise.
    • Removed printer settings from initial form load script
    • Re-factored form load script, it now loads user permissions.
    • Updated the forms structure to take user permissions into consideration when the form in initially loaded. Certain tabs will be hidden as well as certain options, based on current user permissions.
    • Added an object caparison to applied permissions and changed permissions. If they are equal, the user can not save. This will cut down on update requests send to the server.
    • Fixed an encoding issue where entry data would still be encoded properly when a user entered special characters.
    • Fixed trigger and stored procedure for when new forms are created. It now takes account type and form ownership into consideration.
    • Redesigned the “Add New User” feature. It now has a visually enhanced overlay and better logic :
      • The form automatically validates e-mails to prevent erroneous entries.
      • After validation, we check to see if the user being added has already created an account.
      • A request is then built based on whether the user already exists or not, and then it’s emailed.
      • The request has a 24-hour lifespan before it expires. (Prevents spam)
      • When the target user authorizes the request, our system first checks again to see if user exists (if an existing user ID was not present in request).
      • Then it also checks to see if user already processed the request. If they haven’t our records will be updated and the user should now be added to the account.
    • Authorization now properly creates 2 accounts for new users being added to an account. This prevents lock-out if the not-owned account blocks or deactivates the user.